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9-18-19 from Bill Hosko: 

Had a great and busy time lit-dropping out in all Ward 2 neighborhoods. 

On to larger buildings now, then start over again mid-next week... 

Many very Good People, many very Good Opinions as to what needs to change in City Hall...

Daily updates on here via videos and the blog very soon. 

Campaign Spokesperson Michael Gay has been working on our campaign FB page.

Not enough hours in the day currently.  It is all good.  Stay tuned...  

So much Good will be Accomplished if We go to City Hall in January 2020!

Donations $20 up to $600 per person accepted. 

Our Independent, Non-Partisan campaign will be greatly outspent by The Establishment's campaign. 

Thank you for your support and generosity.  

Saint Paul's a Great Place to call Home

However, its current City Council underserves Ward Two and You, 

Many issues need to be addressed...

Taxes, Planning, Development and More... 

1. City Council's and County's Out of Control Property Tax increases...

Action: Public Referendums required to increase taxes.

2. Out of Control Property tax increases are the #1 driver of ever higher Apartment rents...


3. Stop City Council over-reach with changes to Trash Hauling, Alley Plowing and other issues not under

their basic duties... 

Action: Public Referendums required to make changes. 

4. Out of Control Taxation, Fees and Assessments trap people in PovertyMinimum Wage increases are taken away...

5. Individual Property Assessments for Street, Sidewalk, other Public Works projects are unfair...

Action: Projects funded from general fund.

6. City's planning for West 7th LRT has been dishonorable... 

Action: Public Review, re-set process, include public study of 'West' site and nearby RR spur as route alternative. Public Referendum decides route.

7. City's Pedro Park planning has been dishonorable... 

Action: Public review, re-set process, include compromises.  Public Referendum decides final plan. 

8. Downtown's business and arts sector continues contracting...

Action: Pin-point depth of contraction, and as it compares to other City's business and arts districts.  Business, artist and citizen remedies considered, adopt 'community-backed' plans to reverse it.  

9. After Union Depot's $250 Million, 2014 restoration, large financial losses (now tens of millions) continue...

Action: Pin-point depth of losses, compare our 'transit hub' and historic depot to other city's, business and citizen remedies considered, adopt 'community-backed' plans

to make Union Depot a success.  

Safety, Transit, Public Lands and More...

1. Crime is increasing (and Under-reported)…


- Online City map (updated daily) is needed to accurately tally and pin-point crime locations.

- Increased (and sustained) Police Patrols in hard-hit areas not just during Elections.

- Interactive Skyway System security system is overdue.  Residents and visitors should never feel unsafe.

2. Public Transit fare theft and misconduct is increasing - common on LRT.  Millions lost annually.  Security costs have skyrocketed (riders, young to older, deserve better)…

Action: End LRT fare honor-system and retro-fit all platforms to be pay-as-you-enter as other cities do.

3. Downtown Central LRT stop sees much crime.  It has an outdoor Port-a-Potty for a restroom...  Good Grief!

Action: This $2 Billion, 2012 investment needs a Security Center and Public Restroom on the small parcel of

vacant public land here.  

4. City's extending downtown Parking Meter Hours to 10 PM from 5 PM negatively impacted many residents...

Action: Public Referendum to move hours back to a compromise of 6 or 7 PM. 

5. Our Public Lands - Explosion of invasive plant, shrub and tree species on Public and RR Lands is occurring... 

Action: Adopt a Permanent Policy to remove, restore and maintain.  

6. City Council Chambers - for Generations our City Council has sat in a U-shaped formation, with their backs to us...

Action: It's time to rearrange the furniture so your elected officials Always Face You.

- The City's 'Community Outreach' is often Disingenuous)Many Citizens believe their Opinions Do Not Matter...

Action: Update City's Website to allow Open-Constructive-Interactive Communications between Citizens, City Hall and Staff.  Interest in, and Participation with, all

Departments can rise dramatically!

- City Hall canceled Saint Paul's July 4th Fireworks Celebration again this year!

Action: A Public Referendum Vote which requires City Hall to permanently fund our Generations Long Celebration!

There's more  important issues to come...  Stay tuned!

From Bill Hosko

To the Residents of Saint Paul's Ward Two - the Heart of this Historic City and Capital of Minnesota

In recent years has your quality of life improved under your current City Council?  Do you desire a New Direction and New Energy from Leadership?  If so, I am your best bet this fall. 


There is much good that is occurring.  However, at the same time, many issues are not being addressed well at all, including: Over-Taxation, Neglect of Infrastructure, Public Lands and Public Transit.  The planning process’ for

West 7th LRT and downtown’s Pedro Park have not been honorable and we've lost the Taste of Minnesota, our

River Showboat and sadly, even our July 4th Fireworks Celebration now - two years in a row.  Good grief! 


With 100% certainty, we can make all of these things right again - and much, much more.  It is time the Public is brought into the workings of City Hall in a manner that can be a Model for Communities across America.  We can

do it - in short order and for the long-term.  We can restore Saint Paul’s luster and improve your quality of life here!

Historically, being Saint Paul City Elections are held in odd-numbered years - such as this year, only 20% or less of eligible Voters will Vote.  Next year, in contrast, local turn-out for State and Federal offices will be 50, 60, perhaps even 70%!  If we move City Elections to even numbered years, turn-out will rise greatly.  Let's put this issue to a Public Vote as well!

In the mean-time, this year, help to bring Power back to the People, and ensure others do too! 

I ask for your Vote this Fall. 

Thank you

Around Ward Two with Bill... Travel begins September  16th.   Buckle up!

More about Bill                   

Saint Paul, Illinois, Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, Saint Paul

From his early home upstairs  in a narrow, older duplex on the upper West Side, to one near the wooded banks of the Mississippi in Inver Grove Heights, to a Little Farm on the Prairie  in western Illinois - just above Mill Creek, Bill’s earliest years were packed with exploration and adventures.  His little blue-healer Scooter was always nearby.  

After high school, he returned to Saint Paul and Minneapolis where he lived well some years and barely in others, in downtown high-rises and  rougher low-rises.  After his architecture and commercial art studies, and three years as a home design firm’s artist, he went off on his own about the same time he bought a fixer-upper cottage southwest of Minneapolis’ Lake Harriet. 

‘Dances with Wolves’ then sent him off to seek solitude on a high place in northwest Minnesota - a long vacant farmstead.  While there, his dual life began after he opened his gallery in downtown Saint Paul.

But the Great Plains kept calling, and he found a ghost town in far northwest North Dakota, then a treeless ridge overlooking Canada in northeast Montana.  Here, he built an old-time, low-roofed farmstead.  He was nicknamed ‘Bill on the Hill’.  During those Great Plains years he experienced fire, windstorms, and blizzards, and so many unique and wonderful people. 

A train brought him forth one week, and back the next, for those fourteen years.  The now ‘community-owned’ café he created there lives on as he’s been in Saint Paul full-time a dozen years now. 

More recently, he found a new little spread in far north-central Montana.  He visits only on occasion.  A tumble-weed hangs above the fireplace in his gallery/café as a reminder. 

The BLOG! Premiers September 16, 2019 

Ward Two - the Heart of Saint Paul   

Downtown, West Seventh, Irvine Park, Lower West Side, Upper West Side,

Lowertown, Crocus Hill, Irvine Hill, Upper Landing, Grand and Summit Hills


Fliers (color piece is two-sided) which I have been delivering to every corner of this

Big and Beautiful Ward since August 19th! 

In another week I will finish, then start all over again with number 2! 

Stay tuned... and don't forget - Election Day is THIS November 5th!


Your support is important

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  • Let us know if you would like to speak to Bill or to meet him in person.
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Donations $20 up to $600 per person accepted. 

Our Independent, Non-Partisan campaign will be greatly outspent by The Establishment's campaign. 

Thank you for your support and generosity.